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Rodent Exclusion

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Rodent Exclusion

“Commensal rodents” or rats & mice have been responsible for the spread of many diseases to people & domestic animals, diseases such as (Hanta Virus, Murine Typhus, Salmonella, Leptospirosis, Rabies & Plague). Rodents like house mice, roof rats, & Norway rats are “kleptoparasitic”, attacking food in farm fields, orchards, & livestock facilities. However the threat doesn’t stop there as they not only spoil food but damage doors, floors, ceilings, walls, utility pipes, electrical wiring, insulation, roofs, etc... As a result of their burrowing & gnawing, rats are capable of abruptly causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damages or production loss in the U.S. due to indoor flooding, fires, explosions, equipment malfunctions or power shortages.

As with all pests, here at Bad Termite understanding of the biology & behavior of rodents is essential in developing effective control programs. Good rodent control begins with a good inspection prior to eliminating or controlling rodents. So to conduct a quality rodent inspection, a Bad Termite pest management professional will look for tell-tale signs such as fecal pellets, urine stains, tracks, gnawing damage, burrows ranging from the size of a dime to a quarter, runways with grease marks, live or dead insects, noises in the attic or walls, & odors. Once entry points have been identified our technicians will use equivalent structural grade quality materials to seal exterior home entry points as well indoors to keep further pest from coming in. As for the ones trapped inside, a Bad Termite technician will implement mechanical trapping to reduce the rodent population to zero. To greatly improve you’re Pest Control Results your technician will look for conducive conditions that range from sanitation to available food sources to keep you from attracting more unwanted visitors. Once the source is tackled on the only thing left is a Safe Haven for your family and pets.

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