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Bed Bugs: Multi-visit solutions to eliminated adults and eggs.

Termites: Comprehensive termite eradication and prevention.

Green Pest Control: Bad Termite is an industry leader in green pest control.

Damaged Wood Repair: Termite Wood Repair in Los Angeles

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Why should I hire a pest management professional when I can do it myself?

While Do-it-yourself pest control can be tempting, most homeowners and business owners lack the scientific knowledge and training needed to treat pest problems correctly. Treating a pest problem requires identifying correctly the pest species and developing a course of treatment that takes the insect’s biology and habits into account. It is also important that the treatment materials used are handled properly to ensure effective treatment. A professional pest control operator has the training and expertise to do these technical operations in all security.

I have a pest infestation problem, but I am not sure what the type of pest it is. How can I find out what it is and how to get rid of it?

It is likely that you can find you can find relevant information about the pest's description,. habits and biology on our website Web site. If you don't, contact us and we will respond to your question directly.

My current provider has been spraying my facility for a pest problem, but the bugs keep coming back. What’s the problem?

Effective pest control involves much more than just applying pesticide. At Bad Termite we inspect all potential pest-entry points and apply the correct technical solutions. Using the correct pesticide is also critical for the success of a treatemnt. Used improperly, pesticides may worsen pest infestations. For best results, you may want to consult a pest management professional to take advantage of their knowledge and training.

Do you do fungus and dry rot control?

Fungus & Dry Rot Control in Los AngelesFungus and dry rot are wood attacking organisms which consume organic matter. Fungus or dry rot produce spores which are like tiny seeds that are distributed by wind and water. Moist areas will support fungal growth and dry rot. To minimize dry rot and fungus, it’s helpful to keep your roof in prime condition and keep all exterior wood primed, painted and properly caulked.

Dry Rot & Fungus RemovalFungus and dry rot damage must be completely removed and replaced. If any fungus or dry rot wood is left behind, the problem will continue to spread. The moisture condition must also be fixed to provide a permanent solution. Bad Termite’s carpenters are highly skilled in all aspects of construction. If you have dry rot or fungus damage, Bad Termite will always work to correct the moisture condition. When wood is replaced on the exterior of your home, it will always be primed to provide maximum protection against future fungal attacks. We will also paint any primed areas to match your home for an additional fee. We will recommend all other corrections that are needed to stop fungus or dry rot that was noted during your inspection.

What are orange oil treatments and what should I know about them?

In the last few years, citric acid - also known as orange oil, has become a popular termite control method. While orange oil is cleverly advertised as "safe" and "organic," it has no place in your home, and could prove irritating or even lethal if the correct situation is presented. Orange oil is extremely flammable when applied to wood, but will not catch fire in a standing puddle. Orange oil wicks into wood, this wicking action allows the product to reach maximum volatility. Once orange oil has been used on a timber, it needs only a minor spark before causing catastrophic damage. For this reason orange oil should not be used near electrical sources, heating and cooling units, or in any other situation that may routinely reach over 120 degrees - such as a wall void or attic.

Orange Oil Is Ineffective For Termite Control!Orange oil is a contact based termiticide, thus it has to saturate the infected wood to effectively control termites. If proper saturation is not reached in all affected wood members, the termites will not be eliminated. Orange oil is billed as being an organic, or natural method of controlling termites. While orange oil may be organic, that doesn’t mean it lasts - orange oil biodegrades in 21 days and has no residual value after that time. Due to orange oil’s ineffectiveness, termites that are present 3 weeks after the treatment will continue feeding on your home unopposed.

Orange Oil Is Toxic To Breathe!In addition to orange oil’s shoddy termite control record, orange oil releases an astronomically high level of volatile organic compounds which are harmful to the environment and unsafe to breathe. Orange oil is also a major marine pollutant! At Bad Termite, we perform in-depth research all the products we use. We are conscious of the environment and understand that some products are truly unsafe to use on a structure, despite how they are advertised. Contact us today for termite control methods that won’t threaten the safety of your home.

What is tent fumigation?

If your property shows heavy signs of drywood termite infestation or if portions of the infested structure are not accessible by our licensed inspector, a recommendation for fumigation may be on your termite report. All of our fumigations are subcontracted. We use only the most trustworthy, safe, and professional company for fumigations in Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

Fumigation ProcessYour home will be sealed off from the outside air using a fumigation tent. The tent creates a sealed environment which traps the fumigants allowing them to work throughout the structure. After the tent has been checked for fitment, gasses like Vikane or Zythor are pumped into the structure where they will remain for several hours. After some time, the tent is removed, ventilating the building. After your home has been cleared by your Bad Termite technician, it will be safe to re-enter the structure.

No Move Out Termite Control MethodsNot looking for the inconvenience of bagging food items and moving out of your home? We offer several secondary local treatment methods which can completely eliminate accessible termites infestations. Your termite inspector will inform you of whether local treatments are right for you.

What About Wood Damaged By Termites?Your home is 10 times more likely to be damaged by termites than by fire! Termites infest 1 in 30 homes across the country, averaging $8,174 for treatments and wood damage repairs. After Bad Termite has treated your building for termites, we’ll repair all damaged wood members to restore structural integrity. Our in-house construction team is staffed with specialists who can restore the integrity and appearance of your home.

How Do I Know I Have A Termite Infestation?

  • Termite "swarmers" and the discarded wings of swarmer termites will be found around doors, windows or attic spaces.
  • Small holes known as "Kick-Out" holes where termites discard frass and pellets.
  • Small piles of hard pellets are "kicked out" from small holes in walls and wood members.
  • "Mud tubes" or tunnels leading to the building.

When Is The Right Time To Call A Professional?

Bad Termite’s experienced termite inspectors will perform a thorough investigation of your apartment from top to bottom. Your inspection will confirm whether termites are present, uncovering potential termite harborages. Once we’ve determined the extent of your infestation, your termite inspector will explain the best treatment for your apartment.

What About Wood Damaged By Termites?

Your home is 10 times more likely to be damaged by termites than by fire! Termites infest 1 in 30 homes across the country, averaging $8,174 for treatments and wood damage repairs. After Bad Termite has treated your apartment building for termites, we’ll repair all damaged wood members to restore structural integrity. Our in-house construction team is staffed with specialists who can restore the integrity and appearance of your apartment.