How To Tell if You Need Termite Treatment Services

Are you concerned about termites? Do you think that your property might be at risk of an infestation and need treatment services? If so, then a pest control company is the right place to start. Bad Termite provides reliable and prompt termite prevention and extermination services. In this blog post, we discuss four helpful indicators to tell if you need termite treatment services. Learn more and reach out to us today!

Damaged wood caused by termites.

Wood Damage

The first indicator you need termite treatment is wood damage. If there is evidence of wood damage on your property, this can be a tell-tale sign that you are dealing with a termite problem and require professional help. Termites burrow into the wood, leaving behind their signature tunnels and mud tubes which you may be able to spot. If left untreated, these termites can cause extensive damage in a very short amount of time.

Swarm of termites crawling around.


Another red flag is having swarmer termites present on your property. Swarmers are mature termites that can fly and reproduce, making them extremely dangerous invaders. These bugs often appear during the spring and summer months, so it is important to be aware of them. If you spot swarmer termites on your property, you should immediately contact a pest control company like Bad Termite for help in removing them.

Two termites crawling through a mud tunnel.

Mud Tubes

Mud tubes are another key indicator that you may need termite treatment services. Termites use mud tubes to help support their colonies and travel from one place to another. These tunnels often appear near the foundation of your home or other areas that are hard for termites to access. If you notice mud tubes, then it is a sign that you may have an infestation and need professional help.

Swarm of termites.


The last indicator is. Termites are extremely noisy, so if you hear strange noises coming from your walls or other areas of your property, then it could be an indication of a termite infestation. If this occurs, contact a pest control company right away to help detect and remove these bugs.

Ultimately, if you think that your property may be at risk of termite damage, it is important to contact a pest control company as soon as possible. Bad Termite provides fast and effective termite extermination services in order to help keep your property safe from these pests. With our help, you can protect your home from any potential damage that termites can cause. Get in touch with our team in Granada Hills to schedule termite control today!

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